mixing WiFi security packages

Can someone point me to the documentation that explains the different Security Packages (Total WiFi, Secure WiFi, Basic WiFi) and more specifically where it explains you CAN NOT mix packages.

Once you activate a security package you cannot use a different security package. I've tried to find where it states / explains that. (if you activate a Total WiFi, you can no longer activate Secure WiFi)

Can I add a Basic WiFi along with Total WiFi or am I now stuck using(paying for) Total WiFi?

We didn't use the "full" Total WiFi, we're managing through our XTM515, not Cloud Management. We didn't see the need to pay the extra for Total WiFi, wanted Secure WiFi but can't activate it.


  • Is this what you are looking for ?

    Wi-Fi Package Options

  • Thanks Bruce,
    I've seen that page but what I can't find is where it explains once you purchase/activate a security package you cannot add a wifi(AP) with a different security package. They all have to be the same as the first wifi you activated.

    In other words, if you purchased a Total WiFi AP and you don't utilize it's full potential when you go to upgrade/replace a different AP(EOL) you can't downgrade to Secure WiFi because you already have others on Total WiFi. At least that's the message I'm getting from the website when I go to activate a Secure WiFi. It appears I have to pay for Total WiFi even though we won't utilize it to it's full potential.

    I've been looking and can't find any documentation that explains that.

  • There is this:

    How to change a Total Wi-Fi or Secure Wi-Fi cloud-managed AP to a Basic Wi-Fi local-managed AP

    Also, there are different SKUs for Total,Secure and Basic Wi-Fi APs:
    WatchGuard AP120 and 1-yr Basic Wi-Fi WGA12701
    WatchGuard AP120 and 1-yr Total Wi-Fi WGA12721
    WatchGuard AP120 and 1-yr Secure Wi-Fi WGA12731

    So if you buy the Total or Secure Wi-Fi flavor, and don't plan to use cloud management, then you need to follow the above.

  • Thanks again Bruce,
    I followed those instructions when I setup our AP120's.

    I guess my explanation of my question wasn't very clear; So I'll turn this into more of an FYI for anyone setting up WG AP's.

    As you know you must activate your AP before you can use it;

    **"Before you can manage a WatchGuard AP with the Gateway Wireless Controller, the AP must be activated on your WatchGuard account. To activate your AP, see About AP Activation.

    After the AP is activated, you must pair the AP with the Gateway Wireless Controller. This ensures that no one can add an unauthorized WatchGuard AP to your network. The Gateway Wireless Controller will not manage, configure, or monitor an AP until it is activated and paired."**

    Which is what I was trying to do when I got this message:

    "The Access Point (AP) you are trying to activate is bundled with a Secure Wi-Fi subscription.

    Your account is configured for Total Wi-Fi Cloud services, which was determined when the first Total Wi-Fi AP was activated to your account.

    Total Wi-Fi and Secure Wi-Fi Cloud subscriptions cannot be mixed in the same account.
    For more information, see Total Wi-Fi and Secure Wi-Fi subscription activations"

    I also found this statement from WG but not until after the fact.

    "If you purchase a new AP with a different subscription type than APs currently in your account, you will not be able to activate this AP. For example, you cannot activate a Total Wi-Fi AP subscription for an account that has existing Secure Wi-Fi APs activated.

    In this case you must contact your sales representative to return the AP for the correct subscription type for your account, or ask your sales representative about upgrade offers for Total Wi-Fi subscriptions for your APs."

    These are the problems I'm discovering and what I can't find is any documentation "before hand" that explains this "before" making a purchasing decision.

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    News to me !!!!
    Agreed - this should be very clear - prior to anyone purchasing a WG AP.

  • So are you trying to add a Secure AP or a Basic AP ?
    The above statements that you have found do not indicate that Total & Basic can't be mixed.
    I can see from a cloud management perspective why WG says that Secure & Total APs may not be mixed, but I see no reason why cloud and Basic can't exist in the same account.

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    @bford said:


    "If you purchase a new AP with a different subscription type than APs currently in your account, you will not be able to activate this AP. For example, you cannot activate a Total Wi-Fi AP subscription for an account that has existing Secure Wi-Fi APs activated.

    That's changed since I last used the product. I started with Total Security - mainly to set up a demonstration environment for my customers. After Secure WiFi came out, I renewed one the of the former Total Security access points as Secure, while the other was running Total. It seemed to work fine. So somewhere along the line they seem to have changed their mind about the mix. I feel that buying a Total subscription for a WIPS sensor (which can't process any device traffic) is an overkill - paying the Secure fee is more reasonable.

    I should also mention that while you can mix basic using Gateway Wireless Controller (GWC) with Total/Secure WiFi using the Cloud, it is a real pain to manage as the Cloud environment sees the GWC environment as an intruder and locks it out - unless you spend ages setting it up.. I recommend either GWC or Cloud WiFi, but not both in the same area.

    Adrian from Australia

  • Bruce,
    Yes, I was trying to add a Secure WiFi and when I went to activate it I got the message I couldn't because I already had Total WiFi.
    It even listed my AP200's as Total WiFi! (they didn't have Total WiFi when I activated those!!

    Since speaking with my Account rep at CDW, he spoke with his Watchguard rep who in turn checked my account at WG and it seems we shouldn't have been registered as Total WiFi. It was an apparent mistake and it has since been changed back to Secure WiFi.

    I still think there should be some sort of documentation explaining this IF they keep it this way.

    All this was just in the past week so maybe there's more that they had to change than just releasing me from Total WiFi. IDK!

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