reusing old networks / VLAN

There is an old network on the WatchGuard that we're no longer using. But the firewall entries are still on the firewall policies.

I like to re-use this network for something else. If I delete the network from the WatchGuard interface, would it also delete all the firewall policies associated with it?

So that way I can start "fresh"?

This is a DMZ network that we're no longer using, and I did not setup this network.


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    There's not even any cables connected from the WatchGuard interface to the switch, but technically it's 'live' because its enabled on the WatchGuard even if its not being used.

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    edited September 2022

    Easy, go into System Manager and copy the feature key to a text file...then you use System manager to make any changes you want (start fresh from the build config wizard)...factory default the box, paste in your feature key and have a nice day...takes seconds.

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    This is not a new WatchGuard firewall, so I don't want to factory default the box. I would think if I remove the unused old network, it would also remove any firewall policies also. Right?

    I'm used to Meraki, and that's how it works in Meraki.

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    From when I did something similar:
    It removes the interface reference from any firewall rules - and if it renders the policy with no from or to entries, it shows up as "None" (in WSM at least) and throws an error telling you to fix the policies (ie. put something else in or delete it).

    It doesn't delete the policies if you just remove the interface.

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