T15-W Built in Wireless + AP125 SSID Roaming?

If I were to create two exact same SSIDs, both on the internal wireless settings, as well as within the Gateway Wireless Controller settings - does the firebox have the capability for device roaming if a user were to get out of range of the T15-W broadcast and then hand-off the device to the AP125?

I'm not sure that it would and current thinking is, technically, if they lose connection to the T15-W, and the AP125 is in range, would it just automatically connect to the SSID from the AP125 since the passphrase is the same?


  • Roaming is purely a client decision. The wireless client is responsible for deciding it needs to roam, and then detecting, evaluating, and roaming to an alternative AP.

    As long as the SSIDs are set up correctly and the roaming client would still get the same IP addr via each AP, I would expect this to work - but it will still be up to the client.

  • I don't use WatchGuard access points, but look for a "Minimum RSSI" setting. Some user devices will hang on way too long to a weak signal evenwhen a better one is there, and setting a minimum RSSI on the AP can help to forcefully kick a device off of an AP if the signal from the device gets too weak. Other than that, it's exactly what Bruce noted...the user device makes the choice when to let go and connect to another AP.

    Gregg Hill

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