T40 Network speed

I recently installed my T40 and used basic settings but the network speed was crushed. Can I get suggestions on how to fix the speed issue?


  • Not enough info to really help here.

    Have you looked at Traffic Monitor to see if there is something there to help understand this?

    1) you can open a support case and support can look at your config and suggest changes

    2) you can provide more info - as to what crushed really means.
    What is your ISP up and down speed rated at?
    What speed are you seeing?
    What did you have in place prior to installing the T40?

    It could be a speed/duplex mismatch between a firewall interface and whatever is connected to it which would result in using half duplex instead of full duplex for that interface connection. This could reduce speed.
    Or it could be many other causes, such as the use of HTTP or HTTPS proxies in your config.

    I have a T20. From my laptop, running a speed test using Ethernet, I can get 360 Mbps download on my cable connection, using the Windows version of the Ookla speed test app when directly connected to a firewall interface, and not using any proxies for the test.

  • Using the Web UI, I am not aware of a way to see collisions etc. for firewall interfaces, which would indicate a probable speed/duplex mismatch.

    Using the Windows tool - WatchGuard System Manager -> Firebox System Manager -> Status Report, one can see if there are collisions or errors in the Interfaces section.
    WSM can be downloaded from the Downloads site.

  • james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    We'd really need to know what specifically you were testing, and what entails a basic configuration. There are a bunch of options in the quick setup wizard.

    The quick setup wizard defines a few proxies, which can cause speed degradation if (for example) you're using a site like speedtest that has a lot of small randomized data that the proxy will not do well with.

    I would suggest opening a support case (use the support center link at the top right of the page.)

    Please include:
    -A copy of your firewall's support file, or enable support access (instructions to do this are provided during case creation.) This allows the tech to see logs on your firewall and see what is configured.
    -How specifically you tested throughput. (this can allow us to reproduce the problem.)
    -What speed you're expecting to see. (Up and Down, if possible.)

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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