New User, Watchguard T20, wired set-up only.

I'm new to firewall appliances.

I'm using my box for it's abilities as a firewall and router. I followed the "Quick Start Guide" and the basic operation worked as expected out of the box... except once I had registered the product, downloaded the keys (copy and paste) and upgraded the OS, I was under the impression the other 3 ports would allow traffic that was connected to them, they are not. (default allowed one line or computer through for all the actions needed to register the box and software)

Again I'm new and I'm sure it's something simple, but searching for start up answers has not been very successful for me, I might be asking the wrong questions?

When on the web UI for my box, what category should I be in for turning the other three ports on to accept traffic from my other computers and printer?

Thank you for any help.


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