Revert old WG XTM 505 back from PFSENSE

Hello all I am new here so hope this question doesn't break me,
I bought this device from E-bay (XTM505) to learn firewalls , I got the box transferred to my WG account.
Now I try to put it in RECOVERY mode (using the arrow keys on the LCDscreen) but no matter what I do it just keeps saying PFsense V1.8, SO was the Bios flashed or something ? Would there be anyway i can fix this box to make it the original Watchguard / it didn't come with a CF card nore a SSD but i have some old CF cards laying around so if i need to create a recovery or something i cant ,

Any help would be amazing because as of now Im not able to use this thing

Thanks again so much


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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Hi @DaxonDev

    The sysb partition was likely removed from the CF card, making recovery mode fail to work.

    We don't provide replacement CF cards for devices (generally the entire device would be RMA'ed and replaced.) XTM505 is end of life, so we no longer stock parts for that device. Even if the part was available - the latest version of software it could run would be one of the 11.x versions, which is very out of date.

    If your seller sold it to you as a functioning WatchGuard device, I would suggest returning it to them.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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    Hello James,

    Thanks a lot for your reply.. sadly I bought this a while ago but left it in the closet hahaha .. didnt spend much so its ok.. ill stop spending time on trying to fix it :D have a great day

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