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M270 V12.3.1
We'll be changing ISP and we're using Mixed Routing. In the firebox, besides entering all the info from ISP in the "Interface Settings" are there other places we need to change/update? Currently we have FTP, VPN services.

Thank you.


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    You will need to update any applicable inbound rules/NAT with your new ISP's IP's. You will also need to load those additional IP's under secondary networks under the respective interface.

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    edited July 2019

    Do you have multiple public IP addrs currently and do you use the public IP addrs anywhere ? Perhaps in Aliases ?
    If you use SSLVPN, check your SSLVPN Firebox IP addr settings.

    You can edit your .xml config file on disk with Notepad or similar and search for external IP addrs or DYNDNS names to see where they may be used.

    Many of us use Notepad++ to edit our .xml config files.

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    thank you, we do use public static address. I assume that would be the NAT that needs to be updated? Where can I get the .xml config file?

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    If you use Policy Manager, then it is saved to disk at every update.
    If you use the Web UI - System -> Config File

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    Thank you!

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    for vpn do I need to regenerate the vpn settings again?

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    For the IPSec client, either you need to regenerate the .wgx files and distribute them or your users need to change the IP addr to which the client connects in the MUVPN client.
    In the Shrew client - select Modify and then change that public IP addr to the new one.
    For SSLVPN, no - but the user does need to set the new public IP addr in the Server: field prior to connection.

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    Awesome. Thanks Bruce!

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