Splash page for blocked internet

I have an interface's subnet to block internet access.
Is there a way to create a splash page for this subnet so that when the user opens a browser and goes to google.com for example, they get a splash page with an image?

May be something like this:

"Internet access on this computer is blocked by your IT Admin"
and show an image


  • You can set a custom deny message for HTTP access on a HTTP proxy policy.
    You would need to set the policy to Allow, From: the desired group/subnet/interface alias, and set the proxy options to deny all access - such as to deny all Content Types.

    HTTP-Proxy: Deny Message

    For HTTPS, you need a HTTPS proxy policy with Inspect and on the HTTP proxy action for Inspect, you can set custom deny message as done above.

  • Thanks, I'll try that.

  • I'm using the policy manager, and clicked the + button to add a new rule, and selected Http-Proxy under proxies. But I don't see Proxy Action configuration or anything else.

  • In Add Policy, double click or select the Add Policy button on the HTTP proxy policy to see the setup options.

    You can then, when desired, click on the Help button, which will take you to the docs page, so you can learn more about the various settings for that function.

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    The policy that I want to apply the splash page is a packet filter policy (to block internet), but I guess I can't apply a splash page for that. Only for proxies.

    I did create a http-proxy, and applied my custom denied page, but it didn't load the denied page either.

    This is where I went for the http deny

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    HTTP & HTTPS proxy policies are the only ones for which you can create a message to the user for denied access.

    You need to have something which causes access to a web site to be denied to see the deny message.

    Example 1: HTTP Request -> URL Paths - set If matched = Deny, None matched = Deny

    Example 2: HTTP Response -> Content types - Set Default to Deny & unselect al of the Allow entries.

  • ok thank you

  • ok thank you

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