Surface Pro Dock and Firebox DHCP

Firebox, v12.4

I am using DHCP on the firebox to assign IP settings to a Surface Pro that is connected via dock to LAN. It worked fine at one desk, but for some reason the default gateway IP address was reset to when I plugged it through the same dock at the other desk.
I tried rebooting Surface Pro, ipconfig /release and /renew, but nothing helps to get the correct default gateway IP address.

When I setup IP address settings manually, it works fine. When I bring the device back to the desk where I initially set it up, it gets the correct default gateway IP address.
I need DHCP to set the correct default gateway at the other desk too.

Any ideas how to fix this?


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    An Internet search finds lots of similar issues with Surface Docks bieng used with different Surface Pros.

    This worked for one site:
    "Turn off Fast Startup in Power Options.
    We pushed this setting with a GPO and the problem is gone..."

    Surface docks and MAC address issues

    Welcome to the wondrous world of MS

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    Thank you Bruce. I will take a look at that setting.

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    I replicated the issue on another desktop computer running Windows 10.
    Apparently, this is not Surface or dock related.

    I am looking at HP ProCurve switches, that computers and firebox are connecting to: the desk, where the computers get the default gateway assigned by DHCP correctly, is connected to the same switch as firebox, and the other desks, where default gateway is not assigned correctly, are not on the same switch with firebox, so maybe that HP switch between the computers and firebox is causing the issue.

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    The Auto Gateway setting in Automatic Broadcast Control section of one of the HP ProCurve switches was set to Yes and was causing this issue.
    Switching that to No resolved the issue.

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    Good catch

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