VPN tunnel - Multiple IP-addresses ranges


I have a question.

We have configured ipsec VPN tunnel with our software provider.
The software provider policy will only accept one IP-addresses range.
So the VPN-tunnel route setting configuration will be:

Because we have more IP-addresses ranges, I want to allow those ranges through the VPN tunnel.
I have added an extra route
1:1 NAT:

I can only add one NAT!
I possible to allow more NATs?
How I can allow those IP-addresses through the VPN tunnel?


Marco Di Gregorio


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    Will the provider allow a different subnet mask?
    A /22 instead of a /24 ?
    If so, then you can set up with your 4 subnets.
    If not, do you actually have more than 256 IP addr which need to access this remote site ? If not, then you can set up multiple 1-to-1 NAT entries for the IP addrs/ranges to match to the IP addrs.

    If you have more than 256 IP addrs which need to access the remote site, and the provider will not allow more than a /24 subnet mask, then there is no why that I see to accomplish your goal.

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    Hello Bruce,

    ok, thanks for your advice.



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