Can XTM devices be used to create a WiFi mesh network?

I have two T-30W's, a XTM-26W, and an XTM-25W. I realize I can install the XTM's on the network as additional access points. I'm wondering if they can be used as to create a mesh network as an extension of our main T-30. Or do I have to purchase WatchGuard AP''s? Thoughts?



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    I don't see how these additional firewalls can be used this way.

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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Hi BPoppe,

    The built in WiFi operates only as a single IP. They will not operate in mesh mode.

    Thank you,

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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    You cannot use the XTM devices as a mesh, but there are low-cost alternatives.

    I never buy WatchGuard firewalls with built-in wireless because the cost of the wireless in them is WAY MORE than a non-wireless unit (see next paragraph), the renewals are way more expensive, and coverage is not as good as a separate wireless access point unless the firewall is in the middle of an office, which rarely is the case. Firewalls usually go at the MPOE, which usually is at the far end of an office and not centrally located.

    In the case of a T35-W vs. T35, the wireless costs FIVE HUNDRED THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS more (list price) for a T35-W than for a T35. I don't get how they can charge that much, but that pricing drove me to use a different vendor for unified wireless access points. I can buy three or four access points from my preferred vendor for that price difference, and it keeps my renewals lower, gives me better coverage, and easier management. For my small clients, one AP is usually sufficient, so it make the overall purchase about $400 less with a T35. I manage all of my clients' wireless from one controller, whether or not they have WatchGuard firewalls...which most clients unfortunately have not bought yet, due to their prices and my horrible sales abilities.


    Gregg Hill

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