directing video meeting traffic over specific SD-WAN

Hi Everyone,

I would like to be able to direct all video meeting traffic over a specific SD-WAN - traffic like Zoom, Teams, Meet, etc.

Zoom was easy enough because they have a list of IPs and ports and so I just created a straight-forward Packet Filter for the IPs and ports and sending them via an SD-WAN.

For Teams and others, I cannot find a list of IPs, so I thought of trying Application Control. So, created a Packet Filter with Application Control for those services (when no match=allows), any external IP, TCP:0 and UDP:0, over the SD-WAN i want. Problem is that all traffic gets processed through this rule, whereas, I want it only to process things in the Application Filter. I assume that if I set the 'When no match' to drop that other traffic would just get dropped and not go onto the next Firewall Policy.

Anyone have a suggestion/know how to do this?


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