Watchguard Cloud's Alias

Getting ready to move my maanged firebox to cloud managed. Personally i feel the policies much simple. However, i saw this Alias and not able to find any kb talking about this.
When cloud managed, there are 2 core policies on Outbound- All-internal and All-Guest. What so special about All-Guest?

Built-In Aliases
Open A cloud-managed Firebox has several built-in aliases:

Any — An alias for any address (you can add this in a policy, but not in another alias)
Firebox — An alias for all Firebox interfaces
Any-Internal — An alias for all internal networks
Any-External — An alias for all external networks
Any-Guest — An alias for all guest networks ???????

You cannot edit or delete the built-in aliases.


  • There is nothing special about Any-Guest or the default Guest policy.
    IF you create a guest network, then the default Guest policy will allow guest network connected devices to access the Internet.
    If you don't create a guest network, then the default Guest policy does nothing.
    This policy can be modified, or deleted if not needed.

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