Traffic Shaping in Watchguard Cloud


Newbie question here...we are implementing an M290 with a new WAN connection at a premises. My question is, can I configure Traffic Shaping on the WAN port in Watchguard Cloud for the M290?

Reason is the ISP of the WAN connection has just told us:

"we require you to configure your routers/end devices to match the purchased rate using traffic shaping."..."you need to take into account the Layer 2 Ethernet overheads. When configuring the traffic shaping, we suggest allowing 2% for the Layer 2 Ethernet overhead.E.g. For a 20M service connecting to a Layer 3 CPE router, the shape rate is calculated as 20 x 0.98 = 19.6 Mbps"..."The following configuration is a common CISCO configuration which is provided only for guidance purposes.....You must define a policy-map and then apply that policy-map to the egress interface or sub-interface (VLAN)."

they then provide this example for a Cisco device:

Step 1 Create Policy Map
class class-default
shape average
E.g. For a 20Mbps service: router(config)# policy-map
class class-default
shape average 19600000 200000 0
If the CPE does not accept ‘0’ for excess-burst, input a
small value. E.g. 1000

Step 2
Apply Policy Map to interface/sub-interface
interface ethernet
service-policy output
E.g. attach our 20M Service policy to the outgoing
Fast Ethernet interface
router(config)# interface FastEthernet4
service-policy output 20M_service

My question is, can I configure settings like this in Watchguard Cloud for the M290? Or do we have to change to have a locally managed Firebox?



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