IKEv2 authentication

We have an IKEv2 mobile vpn on a M370 running 12.7.2. We would like to have this vpn used by users residing on Firebox-DB as well as external users via Radius.
Both Firebox-DB and the Radius server is checked under IKEv2->Authentication.
When Firebox-DB is the default authentication server, Firebox-DB users can login, but Radius users can't. If we set the Radius server as the default, then the Radius users can login, but Firebox-DB users can't.
The IKEv2 connection is made from Windows 10, and it only asks for a username and password. Not sure how we can specify that the user is a Radius user. Also I dont understand why we need to; i.e. why doesn't Watchguard look for the user if there are multiple authentication servers used?

In any case how can we have both set of users be able to login?
Thanks, Matt


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