Dimension Hyper-V device

We have an exisiting Dimension device mounted in Hyper-V.
We are going to be retiring the host server.
As the vhd file already exists, can this be migrated and hosted on a Synology DS418?


  • If the dimension db is not huge, a database export and import on a new Synology VM might be safer and faster

  • OK thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the DS418 doens't support virtual devices or even docker, as the CPU is not up to it.
    I'll explore other options. But may need to use the db export/import, so that's useful information.

  • You can only use dimension as the VM image watchguard provide.

  • Your answer is yes. You can simply move the VHD to your new storage system. I have done this with HyperV and both QNAP and Synology. You just point a new HV instance to the data set and walk away. BUT - You still need a Windows box of some flavor. In general, I find that a retired W10 pro workstation works quite well.

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