Find out number of sessions/connections on Firebox

Hi community,

Do you know how to find out the number of current sessions or TCP connections in my firewall Firebox? If I go to Dimension > Reports > Device > Device Statistics, I can see TCP Connections and UDP Connections which is fine, but they are numbers in a given period of time, so they are not simultaneous connnections. Even I am monitoring the device by SNMP, and I look at OID wgSystemCurrActiveConns, which shows the "The total number of currently active system connections.", according to the documentation

But the numbers shown are not convincing at all. Any tip?



  • I believe that the numbers reflect what is in the Fireware sessions table.
    For stale sessions, the session will be removed from the sessions table when the session timeout period has elapsed.
    You can set the Global TCP session timeout and/or TCP timeouts on individual policies. The default Global TCP timeout is 60 minutes.
    The global UDP default timeout is 30 secs. It can be modified using the CLI. There is currently no way to set a custom UDP timeout on a policy.

  • Hi Bruce,

    Thanks for your interest. And do you know if we can have an historical of the sessions table?


  • Not that I know of using any of the current WG tools.

    You can, using SNMP tools, such as PRTG, MRTG, etc.

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