Bypass Authpoint on Server with no Internet Connection


So in a boneheaded move I accidently disabled the single LAN connection on a server that I was using to run a trial version of AuthPoint on.

The trial has sense expired, but the AuthPoint client is still on the server.

All other NIC's on the server are virtualized and not shared with the host OS.

I can physically access the server and bring up the logon screen, but AuthPoint won't let me log in because there is no Internet.

How in the blazes do I get past this blasted AuthPoint so I can access the server and fix the network connection?


It's usually something simple.


  • Can´t i just use the OTP option to enter the OTP from the AuthPoint app?

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    @[email protected] said:
    Can´t i just use the OTP option to enter the OTP from the AuthPoint app?

    Correct, OTP and QR Code are methods for offline MFA. QR Code is technically the "Preferred" method if you are to go "anti-OTP" one day (good luck with that mantra...)

  • Aww, I tried the OTP and the QR Code initially but that failed.
    Gonna try and boot in Safe Mode, disable the Hyper-V services, and boot normal and see if that works. Next option is a USB Ethernet connector, find the server in Windows Admin Center, then remove the Authpoint Client.

    I've used Windows Admin Center before to remove the Authpoint Client on a DC that I needed access to when AuthPoint was so slow responding to any requests it timed out.

    Not certain if that is a flaw in AuthPoint, or my error configuring it.
    Gonna run with my error for now.

    It's usually something simple.

  • I did that a while back - call customer care and they will assign a temp license in a pinch.

  • USB to Ethernet connector was the winner.

    Just a good reminder, even though you have done something a hundred times make sure you are paying attention or bad things can happen.

    It's usually something simple.

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