Block a set of IPs on a schedule?

We recently updated our AntiVirus software to a cloud based service. This is creating bandwidth issues, as our circuit was rather small, we have ordered a new one, but AT&T isn't the fasted to deliver, so we are trying to creatively find other solutions while waiting the new circuit
I have the software vendor's IP in both an inbound and outbound rules, and thought mistakenly the scheduling option would work, however, this vendor uses port 443 and the traffic just goes out the https rules rather than the one I setup for them

I thought using the scheduling would be kind of a deny or allow situation, but I think I have that wrong in my thinking, as the traffic continues to flow out other rules.

Anyhow, is there a way to create a time frame to allow these IPs in/out after work hours? I'm trying to read up on all the different options in the policies, but not really quite finding what I am hoping for.

I'm running an M270 w/Version 12.7.2



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    You can set up policy schedules.
    The 1st policy can be to allow this access, on a schedule.
    A 2nd policy can be to Deny this access, which would be all of the time.
    Make sure that the 1st policy is above the 2nd policy.

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    Thank you Bruce! I will give it a try

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