Speed limit vpn service

Hello everyone,recently i installed M290 Firewall on a business, and i established a vpn to access to the internal network through my house.
The issue here thats the next, y i can connect to the vpn but the speed it´s to low.

I thinked that the issue was my ISP that provides me a low speed but my ISP speed it´s OK, so i try to set other configuration in my FW but i only getting 0,5 mb plus to my download conection.
So if anyone can help telling me what could be the problem I would greatly appreciate it


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    We need more info.

    What type of VPN is this?
    . a client VPN, such as SSLVPN? If so, which one? IKEv2 will probably have the fastest speed
    . a BOVPN?

    What is the up/down ISP speed at both your house and your business?

    What method are you using to do downloads? Windows file copy? If so this uses SMB which is slow over higher latency links. Other transfer methods such as FTP are faster.

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    What kind of VPN is this?
    . a client VPN, such as SSLVPN? YES, IT IS SSLVPN If yes, which one? IKEv2 will probably have the fastest speed
    I will try to establish IKEv2 in the vpn and I will do tests

    . a BOVPN?
    I had not contemplated that option but the truth is that if there was watchguard documentation that could help me I would like you to send it to me so I can start configuring it
    What is the upload/download speed of the ISP both at home and at your business?
    350Mbps media

    What method are you using to do the downloads? Windows file copy? Yes, exactly
    If so, it uses SMB, which is slow on higher latency links.
    I'll keep that in mind when reconfiguring everything.
    Other transfer methods like FTP are faster.
    I know, but anyway the people who run that business are people who are not going to know how to handle ftp

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    Where it is slowest is when transferring files from my desktop to a shared folder that is on the server

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    So the up & down speed at both your house and at the business is 350Mbps ?

    This article shows how to calculate the max throughput for non-VPN connection. A VPN introduces additional overhead which can reduce the throughput by at least 20%. SSLVPN is even slower because there is no SSL acceleration in the WG firewalls, whereas there is for IPSec & IKEv2.

    How to Calculate TCP throughput for long distance WAN links http://bradhedlund.com/2008/12/19/how-to-calculate-tcp-throughput-for-long-distance-links/

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    Of course, but we already have the firewall working to provide customer service, so it is not feasible to change the type of vpn currently, is there another case that can cause low speed?

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    Changing SSLVPN to use UDP instead of TCP can increase the speed somewhat.

    You can open a support case to get help from a WG rep to see what you can do to if anything to speed up this connection.

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    i have already set udp instead of tcp
    Thanks for all Bruce, nice to meet you

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