Switches in FireClusters

I have just configured my first FireCluster and will be taking it to our customer's site this week.

I just wanted to know if the switches we use for each Interface can be shared with other devices, or if it needs to be dedicated to the FireCluster. So with regards to this (taken from the WG article)..

.. it kind of makes it look like you need a mini switch in between your FireCluster and the rest of your Trusted Network, although I doubt this is the case I just wanted to double check.

So I guess my question is - can I connect the 2 FireCuster Members to my existing Network switch, or do I need to put another one in between?

Also, on the External network, it's currently setup to go to a network switch because there are 2 HSRP routers.. so again, is it ok to use the same switch, or do I need another dedicated one for the FireCluster?

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