Is the AP432 manageble by a FB Gateway Wireless Controller?

Or is this cloud only?

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    It is cloud only. All new WG WAPs are cloud only and won't be managed by Gateway Wireless Controller.

    All new WAPs (Models that come out October 2021 and onward) are managed in cloud.watchguard.com.

    The GWC/ original wireless cloud WAPs are Arista models (Arista bought mojo networks)... the new models are made by WG and are going to be managed in WG Cloud (cloud.watchguard.com) for the foreseeable future from the talks I had with my rep.

    IE WiFi 6 is not coming to GWC from what I can tell.



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    Thank you for the answer.

    The AP432 Data Sheet stated "CROSS-PLATFORM BENEFITS - ...Centralized management to WatchGuard’s portfolio of products such as AuthPoint, Firebox appliances, and endpoint solutions", so I was under the impression that it was manageable by the gateway wireless controller, but I wasn't sure.

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