Quarantine Server question

In the release notes of 12.8 this section:

Deprecation of Log Server, Report Server, and Quarantine Server Components
With this release, WatchGuard announces the deprecation of the WatchGuard Log Server, Report Server, and Quarantine Server. WSM v12.8.x releases still include these server components, but higher WSM releases will include only the WSM Client and Management Server. More information will be posted in Product and Support News.

I'm a bit confused, will quarantine service still work in 12.8 and just not beyond that, or if I install 12.8 I will lose that functionality? The "still include these server components" is what is throwing me off

For some reason I read that as the functionality will still be there is 12.8 and thought that major releases after would remove it, just a bit confused and scrambling to solution our spam issues going forward.



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    edited April 2022

    The functionality will still be there is 12.8.
    At some unknown future "major" release they won't be there any more.
    When a WSM install no longer includes these functions, one presumably can still run these from a lower release. The biggest issue will be that they would be no longer be shown in WSC for configuration.

    Review this post for suggestions:
    Watchguard Quarantine Server deprecated

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    However, the functionality in Fireware to send logs the the WSM Log Sever and send spam e-mails to the QS would be removed at some point.

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    Thanks Bruce, that was what I thought (that it would still work in 12.8) but just wanted to be sure (opened a ticket as well and they said the same) At least it gives me time to work through our options going forward.

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    An e-mail from WG just came out today stating:

    Higher WSM releases, v12.9 and later, will include only the WSM Client and Management Server, and will not include the following:
    • WatchGuard Log Server
    • WatchGuard Report Server
    • WatchGuard Quarantine Server

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