SSL Limitation? Differing Access

Hi all,

Firebox: M270
Version: 12.7.2-B656168

Mobile VPN Query.

I am currently using the SSL VPN to connect to the Firebox using AD for authentication. All works fine. I now need to give access to a 3rd party via mobile VPN, but only to certain subnets. It appears that I can't differentiate access using the SSL VPN. IS that correct?

If so, I am out of practice with the MUVPN method (IPSEC). Is this still a thing? I remembers a while back is was deprecated and we had to use a third party program to utilise the IPSEC connections. I know how to setup the Firebox end and generate the files to be used - but I'm just not sure if there is even a client to be used anymore?

Any help is greatfully received.

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