Does the Firebox M270 have a Whitelist-Function?

Hello Community

I'm currently setting up a Firebox M270 and trying to configure it some kind of a whitelist-concept and guessed somebody in here could help me.

Is there any "How-To" on this concept or any setting that could help me to speed it up a bit?
I'm currently trying to block everything that's going in and out of my network, so that in the next step I can type in some website-exceptions, which (combined) take a lot of time.

Thanks a lot!



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    By default, the firewall will deny all traffic for which there is no policy.
    The QuickSetup Wizard will create a few policies which allow out most packet types so Internet access will work from behind the firewall, but no incoming access is allowed.

    The default HTTP & HTTPS proxy polices allow all outgoing HTTP & HTTPS.

    You can set things up to allow only specific web sites.
    1) You can add full DNS name of the web site to an Alias that you create, and then add the alias name to the To: field of the HTTP & HTTPS policies.
    Note that you can have wild cards such as *.microsoft.com
    2) Then add a HTTP & HTTPS packet filter From: Any-trusted To: Any-external, and set these to Denied. This will prevent access to any web sites other that what you specified in the alias list.

    There may be other web sites that you will need to allow access which don't seem to work using domain names. These will be more difficult to identify, and you may need to allow the IP addresses of those sites instead of a domain name.

    Review this:
    About Policies by Domain Name (FQDN)

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    Also, if you have the WebBlocker feature, you can use this to easily deny/allow web sites.

    About WebBlocker

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