RADIUS Auth and domain name

Hi folks,

I've just got Radius auth sorted with our Firebox, so I can now see all our WiFi user authenticated against the firewall.

Is it possible to change what is shown as their auth server to my domain? Ie ab.1234@radius to ab.1234@mydomain.com, just as the LAN users are?


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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Hi @Lee_West
    The firewall will show the domain as whatever the RADIUS server's name is configured as on the firewall itself in the authentication settings.

    On the latest versions of fireware, multiple RADIUS servers are configurable, and can be names whatever you like.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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    Hi @james.carson

    Is that under Settings - Authentication - Authentication Settings?

    I have the RADIUS server listed with a domain name in both the Single Sign On and Authentication Servers, but I can't seem to see where to add the domain in.

    I should say, this is just with accounting messages being forwareded from our RADIUS server, rather than using the firebox as the server itself.

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    In Policy Manager: Setup -> Authentication -> Authentication Servers -> RADIUS
    In the Web UI: Authentication -> Servers -> RADIUS

    "In the Domain Name text box, type the domain name or server name for the RADIUS server. Users must specify this domain name on the user login page. You cannot change the domain name after you save the settings."

    from here:
    Configure RADIUS Server Authentication

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    Many thanks, Bruce. I already have that in place, but we don't use a portal. Users just sign in on their device with WPA2 stuff. We're looking at moving to that style of system, but at present our WiFi won;t let us publish a landing page.

    Many thanks for h guidence.

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