Massive flaw in System Manager (12.7.2)

So. migrating from an M200 to an M390 using system manager (save config, change model, update Feature Key and save to default box @

The it tells me that it is going to change to a 12 interface model (the 390 is not 12) - then, of course does not save to be box as the interface count is incorrect. I can repeat this all day long....anyone care to play and confirm I am not nuts and that this should be a CRITICAL case?????


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    I see the same thing when upgrading an initial default config to the M390.
    Bug confirmed.

    Try saving the M390 to disk, then open that saved config in Policy Manager, and you should be able to upload it to your M390.

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    matthewmatthew WatchGuard Representative

    Thank you for your update, but we have determined that this behavior is expected. The M290 and M390 Fireboxes are 12-interface models when you take into consideration the interfaces that can be configured for use with the optional module. Since Policy Manager is an offline tool, it cannot always update with the latest information about whether the module is inserted or not. Nonetheless, the configuration file does populate the necessary interfaces.

    When modifying the configuration of a Firebox to a different model among our mid-range appliances, this warning will always display if the maximum number of interfaces available on the new model is different from the old model. In the case of converting from an M270 to an M470, for example, the same warning message appears that you are moving from an 8-interface model to a 16-interface model (which is true, since there is a module bay which supports up to eight interfaces on the M470). However, when you check the network configuration in Policy Manager, the interfaces do not show since Policy Manager doesn't know if the module is installed until that configuration is saved to the device. We do not want to risk making the box unmanageable by saving a configuration that may cause issues.

    To improve our communication on this behavior, I plan to request an update to our documentation for Migrating configurations between boxes (Located here: https://www.watchguard.com/help/docs/help-center/en-US/Content/en-US/Fireware/basicadmin/config_file_use_new_model_wsm.html)

    Thank you.

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    Thanks Bruce - this one had me stumped. The explanation kinda, sorta makes sense. I guess.....the link is a bad link :p

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    Guess we need to change this description from a bug to a "feature"

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