Block Emails using Geolocation via IMAP Proxy?

If it's possible how would I go about blocking emails that originated from countries assigned to block traffic via a Geolocation action?

The IMAP-Policy does have the geolocation action assigned in it, but I bet that's only looking at the IP from the mail server.

If this isn't possible, this would be an amazing feature. For Spamblocker to pull out the originating IP and run it by the custom Geolocation action.

For example from the email headers:
Received: from [60.43.xxx.xxx]
X-Originating-Ip: [203.189.xxx.xxx]

If I could do this, it would flag the majority of spam we receive at the law firm. I've been studying phishing scams we receive and most (if not all) never originate from an IP located in the USA.


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    You did not mention where your mail server is in this setup. If your mail server is behind your firewall, then you would use Geolocation blocking in the inbound SMTP policy.

    If your mail server is outside of your firewall, the mail server itself should be set not to accept mail from undesired countries.

    What mail server do you use?

    Gregg Hill

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    Ah. Good to know. We are using Rackspace service for our external mail server, non-Exchange version. I'm not pleased with their mail filtering, constant false positives and false negatives.

    This would be a nice feature though in Spamblocker. Its monitoring the emails already so why not have it look at the originating IP address and compare it to the Geolocation settings.

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