WatchGuard and Kaspersky

Hi there !

Given the recent events in Ukraine and the cyber-attacks from Russia, a question arises about eventual links between WatchGuard and Kaspersky. Indeed, Kaspersky Labs mentions WatchGuard as a partner [1]. It states that WatchGuard uses Kaspersky Anti-Virus SDK.

So, in my organization, we have some concerns about the fact that some WG products may use components whose supply is potentially under Russian control, therefore causing a high risk of supply chain attack.

The questions are then :

  • How can we get sure no Kaspersky component is still in use on WG products ?
  • Can WG guarantee this and provide evidences or ways to check for this ?

If we cannot get sufficient guarantee that it does not use any library originating from Kaspersky, we may consider withdraw all our WatchGuard products...

[1] https://www.kaspersky.com/partners/technology


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