SSL VPN Client

I have a couple of T30's, an M200 and an M370. Over the weekend I upgraded all four to the latest OS after running the Cyclops Blink detector (all were clear).

What I noticed was that when I reconnected to the T30's/M200 using SSLVPN, I did NOT get a prompt to upgrade the SSLVPN client, however when reconnecting to the M370, the SSLVPN Client update wizard activated.

After rechecking the Software Download page for the T30 (Fireware v12.5.9 Update 2 which I understand is limited by the type of Linux/CPU in the T30) I noticed however that the publicized SSL VPN Client version is 12.7.2

So, my first question is why didn't the wizard activate for the T30's/M200 and my second question is where might I find the release notes for the SSL VPN Client?


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