Speed test not working

Hi all,

T20 12.7.2

How can i make it speedtest.net work behind my FB. what policy do i need to add in order to be able to run speed tests.

Thank you!


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    Look at Traffic Monitor when you try this or other apps that don't work.

    Ookla speedtest.net uses TCP port 8080.

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    Hi Bruce,

    I see deny for 8080 unhandled internal packet msg id "3000-0148". What is needed to unblock it? Thanks again.

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    Unblock TCP port 8080.

    You can add a custom packet filter for TCP port 8080, From: Any-trusted To: Any-external or To: speedtest.net, depending on your site's security needs.

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    ok, will try Bruce. Thank you as always on replying.

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    There are other speed test sites you can use if you don't want to add a custom packet filter:

    both measures down/up speed.

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    Thanks morpheus27

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    @Bruce_Briggs thank you my friend the port 8080 custom packet filter works, fixes more than one speed test. Fing uses somethign similar I think or may be rebadging Ookla's test. @morpheus27 thanks for reminding me of fast.com. Micrsoft support is telling me they use it but I couldn't remember what url they said.

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