Failure Alerts

I am trying to find a way to get an instant email alert in the case of either a Botnet or IPS incident.
The system is set up and working to receive daily reports, but I want an alert when the incident happens, do i need 3rd party software to do thins



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    There is an option in Subscription Services -> IPS to enable alerts.
    This would apply to any categories to which you have Log selected.

    For Botnet, there is no similar setting.

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    Thanks Bruce. That is already set. The problem I have is that I have never received instant alerts through email notification, even when the option is set

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    Have you set up e-mail notifications on your Dimension or WSM Log Server

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    Email notification is setup on both dimension and the Log server.
    Dimension sends reports daily; the log server send an email saying:-
    'daily appliance reports' has completed successfully, once a day.

    I am after an instant alert by email or even pop-up window, which seems to be an option when something triggers one of the subscription services.

    The daily report from Dimension produces a report with the alerts the next day, which could be too late

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    In that case, consider opening a support incident on this.

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    ok, thanks

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