No Traffic Is Passing On External Interface

I just switched to a different ISP who does not allow static WAN IP addresses. My cable modem is just a simple modem, (no router capability) set in Bridge Mode. I know what my WAN IP is, but when I connect the modem to the external port, (set to DHCP) the Firebox fails to pass traffic, (Mode light is flashing green.) If I connect the modem to the router, and then connect the Firebox to the Router, I get a solid Mode light and can access the WAN. Any suggestions?


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    IN Fireware, on the Advanced tab of External interface, one can enter an alternative MAC addr.
    Try entering the MAC addr of the external interface of the router there, and see if that resolves your issue when the router is not in place.

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    Most cable modems I have encountered need to be rebooted after changing the device connected to them in order to re-register the new MAC address. I have Spectrum Cable and always have to do that each time I put a different firewall behind the cable modem (I test a lot between devices). Each time I use a different Firebox with WAN set to DHCP behind my cable modem, I get a different WAN IP address from Spectrum, which I handle with DynDNS in the box.

    Gregg Hill

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