Wi-Fi users get low bandwidth

I have a Watchguard T40 firewall and wifi users cannot get more than 2-3 mbps of bandwidth, typically they get under 1mbps. It affects all wireless users, however wired users will get 100+mbps down every time. We have replaced the firewall and ISP modem to no avail. The ISP link is 200mbps.

I have tested this myself, standing directly next to the firewall and cannot get more then 2-3 mbps at best....and it is typically under 1mbps making the connection unusable.

We are using the embedded wireless controller and I have tried creating a new ssid, new network, dedicated policy, dedicated traffic shaper and the same issue persists no matter what I do. Support has been baffled as well and closed the ticket blaming "environmental issues". Any ideas?


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    Just for clarification, you have a T40-w, and the issue is downloads from wireless users who connect to the T40-w for wifi, correct.

    Was your support incident escalated beyond level 1?
    If not, ask for it to be escalated.

    You can download some free tools to look at the wi-fi signal strength etc.

    I use Acrylic Wi-Fi Home and inSSIDer Home, both of which will show the channels being used, max speed, and RSSI - “Received Signal Strength Indicator,” is a measurement of how well your device can hear a signal from an access point or router.

    With this info, and working with a higher level of support, you should be able to resolve this issue.
    Could be all that you need is to select different channels for the built-in AP to use.

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