Bandwidth used from source and destination

T-20 12.7.1

Hi all, in Dimension, where do i go to see the bandwidth used from the source and destination? Also, what app was used.



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    edited February 2022

    In general, you need to use proxies where possible, and also have logging on your policies to get good reporting in Dimension.
    On proxy policies, you need "Enable logging for reports" selected.
    To know about applications, you need to have Application Control active and have it enabled on your policies.

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    Hi Bruce, I see in the Firebox System Manager that there is "Bandwidth Meter", so i'm curious to see if there is a report to see the spike of bandwidth usage from which client and app. I did enable the proxy policies log, but couldn't find where the bandwidth report is located in dimension

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    Dimension will not list Dashboard etc. entries for which there is no data.

    There is not something exactly like Bandwidth Meter in Dimension.
    Look at FireWatch, which also is in the Web UI.
    You can see Source, Dest, Apps etc. tabs which can help you find out what you are looking for.

    In Dimension you can select a date/time range which will help isolate the source & dest involved for the period of interest.

    For current source-dest connection info, in FSM, look at HostWatch

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    Also, if you have managed switches, you can use SNMP reporting tools to display historical bandwidth usage on their ports.

    I have used the free MRTG tool for this in the past.
    There are many others including PRTG.

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    Thank you Bruce. Totally forgot about the FSM hostwatch. Thank you!

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