Filezilla Server passive FTP no access


I have a windows server 2016 with an Filezilla server installed and he uses the passive mode for ftp authentication with that tcp range: 40000-41000

But users cant connect via filezilla to the server and getting follow error code:

"425 Can't open data connection for transfer of "/"

The local windows firewall is disabled on the windows server.

On my watchguard M270 I have a SNAT configured with that setting:
Static -> NAT -> my public ip -> local Filezilla Server IP

And I got a firewall policie with that settings:

From Any to -> FTP (SNAT) public ip --> filezilla local server ip
Port 21 , Port 40000-41000
Connections are allowed.

But I am still not able to connect to the passive ftp server.

Do you know what i have to configure that my ftp server is reachable from internal and external networks?



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