Bad traffic in Watchguard M570

I have Watchguard M570 managing 1000 users with 1gbps traffic. I didnt have any porblem. But soon i recieve many complaints about bad traffic even users get good signal in AP borns and good bandwith (+50mbps).
**Exp of bad traffic : ** Youtube don't work very good as like is blocked from the firewall


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    Without more info, it is very hard to guess as to the source of your problem.

    If there are no log messages help understand this in Traffic Monitor:

    . In Firebox System Manager - Status Report, you can check the Interface section for errors or collisions, which would cause speed issues
    Also look at the CPU utilization - is it high?

    . open a support incident to get WG help in looking at this

    . reboot your firewall. Then if problems still exist, talk to your ISP.

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