Live security expires on rental device


Today all my T20 devices (12.7.2 U1) is listed as expires 02-01-2022 but looking at details for the feature key it says Mar-08-2022, so something is wrong here.

Downloading a new feature key do not help. I have opened a case, 1645003, but no response yet and phone calling support is not better.

Anybody seeing this issue?



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    Finally got through and they are aware of the feature key issues with rental devices and working on it.

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    I Wonder why it is not listet as a issue on the status page?

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    Same problem here, with different device models. :(

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    Well, a bit bad as the Security services stops working until it is fixed.
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    Did you have any updates ?

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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Hi @rv@kaufmann.dk
    The issue should be resolved now -- if for some reason it is not, please reply to your support ticket -- it's with the correct team to help.
    If you have a non-operational firewall, that team can create temporary keys to apply to the firewall if needed.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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    For what it's worth yes thankfully it seems to be fixed now as I had the same issue with about 15-20 MSSP licensed appliances (mostly M270s and FireboxV and a few others), where one of them still had the "expired" license key in the portal which Support had to issue a new one for (the others we manually reinstalled the key or it refreshed by the time we got to it).

    It wasn't just the subscription services that stopped working - the "IP Addresses Allowed Outbound Access" value got reset to "1" as well as a number of other line items not working as intended, so even basic traffic flow broke until it was fixed.

    Fingers crossed it doesn't happen again - already had enough explaining to do with the clients.

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