After upgrade to 12.7.2 cant access to webui


We make upgrade to last version and we can t access to our Watchguard M670 with WEBUI or WSM.

We can just access to the CLI with Putty

Can someone help me for find how to start webui with CLI without reset the firebox ?



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    edited January 2022

    Can you be more specific, what kind of error do you get, have you tried restarting the Firebox?

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    We have no access nginx server is off

    Support contact me and find to revert for use defaut cert and we can access again

    this trouble can happen when upgrade with version

    CF : https://techsearch.watchguard.com/KB/WGKnowledgeBase?SFDCID=kA42A000000HB20SAG⟨&type=KBKnownIssues

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    edited February 2022

    Using the doc listed I was able to use the CLI (SSHv2 port 4118) to connect. I created a temp cert, but no modern browser would let me connect because it was a self signed cert. Had to go back to IE to get connected. After connecting I had to reassign my previously uploaded CA signed cert to the web service and I was back to normal operation. I did not have to upload my cert again.

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