Microsoft team chat (picture) server category proxy

Can anyone tell which category of Microsoft team chats (picture) server category proxy? I cannot find the category in web-blocker.
FWAllowEnd, , pri=6, disp=Allow, policy=Bypass-Proxy-00, protocol=https/tcp, src_ip=, src_port=52570, dst_ip=, dst_port=443, src_ip_nat=, src_intf=2-E2, dst_intf=0-E0, rc=106, duration=23; sent_bytes=2566; rcvd_bytes=51664, 3000-0151


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    You add the WB category to your HTTPS log entries by selecting the "Log this action" check box on the WebBlocker tab on your HTTPS proxy action, and find out for yourself.
    You need to have Log enabled on your default action (Inspect or Allow) to see the detail log lines from the HTTPS proxy action to which Cats= will then be shown.

    I don't believe that the categories are shown on the session summary log records such as you show above, which are generated by the "Enable logging for reports", thus the need for detail logging.

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