errors on interface

So we are having an intermittent issues between 2 of our network segments that go thru the firewall (we have quite a few others but those have no issue) so i started looking at the usual stuff like error on interfaces in our switches and fw, i found a few possible problems in the interfaces of the fw.

total trafic:
NIC statistics:
rx_packets: 571098254
tx_packets: 268381734
rx_bytes: 666566906470
tx_bytes: 87446074811

The part that somewhat worries me and could be responsible for the PL:

rx_missed_errors: 6001
rx_csum_offload_errors: 242

If needed i could post everything in the diag, but i thought i'de start by asking if i'm looking in the right place, if that indeed could cause "visible" PL or not.


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    6001 missed packets out of 571,098,254 successfully received packets doesn't look like a significant problem area to me.
    Does the missed packet number go up regularly?

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