What support and maintenance package is required for AuthPoint

Hi All,
Apologies in advance if this has been answered before but my searches are turning up empty at the moment.
I have a M570 with Standard Support.

Following all the guides in regards to Authpoint all of them want this device to appear in Watchguard cloud and of course with Standard Support you are unable to do this.

So my question might sound like it answers itself/stupid But can i have some clarity here that i need to move up to Basic Security to get the cloud piece to then do the AuthPoint part ?

Totally understand AuthPoint itself is licensed by user on top of this, just trying to get my head around the Hardware licence requirement.

Just want to confirm before the outlay here.


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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Hi @Pat

    AuthPoint is licensed completely separately from the firewall (the idea is that anyone can use AuthPoint, wither they're using a WatchGuard firewall or not.)

    The connection to WatchGuard cloud should work regardless of what level of logging you have (basic has 1 day, total has 30.) If you're just paying for support on the firewall, it should still connect, it just won't log -- to get other services to work.

    If you're having trouble getting it to connect, I'd suggest a support case so we can help look into it. There's many reasons it might be having trouble, and I generally try to avoid posting logs here as they often contain personally identifiable info.

    If you've already created a case, if you can please reply with the case number, I can go make sure the correct team is looking into this for you.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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    edited January 2022

    Hi @james.carson ,
    Thanks for the response.
    I think i have worked out the issue.
    Our M570 doesn't seem to have Cloud Visibility in the feature key.
    Upon review all the devices i can see have Basic Security where as our M570 has "Standard Support"
    So my guess is thats my issue as even installing the feature key again this doesn't change and that standard support lacking the Cloud Visibility component is my issue.
    So may have answered my own question here!!

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