Changing External Identities


We have done a AD upgrade and we are moving to a NEW AD server with a different name and IP. I need the change the AUTH Point External Identities to Point to the new server and I am wondering if I change the configuration we have now will it effect the users that are already synced? I don't want to make the user all reregister there accounts.

Also when I make the change for External Identities do I need to install/update the gateway ?



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    If i understand you right the ad ldap database is the same and only the server having the role as DC has changed.

    Then no users will be effected. You need to install the gateway and add it to existing cloud config.
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    @rv@kaufmann.dk Yes I want to change the LDAP sever but none of the other settings. The radius will stay the same and so will the search DN. Only thing I want to change is the Server Address and map is to a new AD Server.

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    Then i guess, if you change the server ip address configured External Identity (LDAP), you have configured plus add the new AD server as a secondary gateway to the already configured gateway should do it.

    Afterwords you can make the secondary gateway the primary with the option "Make primary".

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