Deployment on Hyper-V Host or backup servers?

Has anyone deployed TDR on their Hyper-V host servers? If so, what has your experience been?
What about your "Backup/DR Solution's servers"?


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    John_NortonJohn_Norton WatchGuard Representative

    I've deployed on both. Hyper-V hosts have never been a problem for me, but I would suggest creating a group for the hypervisor hosts in case you want to override the general policies and host sensor settings (best practices in general).

    Backup servers may require more care-- on one hand, it's useful to protect the backup data in case the remote host has been infected by malware so you don't restore bad files back to the host, but on the other hand you may require exclusions for the server's backup processes and directories if you find that they are running too slowly due to the additional monitoring.

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