Upgrade Firebox XTM330

I bought three second hand Firebox XTM330 for testing and learning and I am trying to upgrade to the latest level.

I got it from OS 10.9 to upgrade to version 11.12.1 (Build 522519).
Buth when I try to upgrade to 12 and higher I get the error:
"You need a LiveSecurity key to upgrade your Firebox."

I know the machine is EOL buth I should be able to upgrade to the latest level, I already got it to upgrade from 10.9 to this version, buth now I am stuck.

Can you provide me with help or the link to the firmware I need to use to upgrade beyond my level?

Thank you so much! :-)

and there SN is:
Serial Number 80BD034383946
Serial Number 80BD0A8B716F9
Serial Number 80BD033D3CF91

and my Case Number is 01629735



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