Multicast howto

Hello all.. I have read all of the documentation provided by Watchguard for setting up Multicast routing and am not getting any success..

I have one multicast server device plugged directly into an interface on the M390 named gateway. I have enabled multicast routing and have selected the interface named gateway and a bovpn virtual interface named London. I have checked the RP field on the London interface.

When I check the multicast routes status page, its blank. If I look in the traffic monitor and filter for gateway or igmp or pim, nothing shows up.

I have run wireshark on the cable from my multicast server and see multicast packets addressed to which is the correct multicast address as assigned in the server.

What am I missing?

Thanks for any suggestions..


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    To see traffic applied by a policy, you need to enable Logging on that policy.
    So, to see multicast packets in Traffic Monitor, you need to enable Logging on your BOVPN policy which allow traffic to the other end.

    Did you enable Multicast routing on the far end too?

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    Yes the other end of the BOVPN virtual interface is set up same..

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    Do the MR-PIM-Allow and MR-IGMP-Allow polices need anything added?

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    Sorry - I don't have such a BOVPN setup with Multicast - so I don't know off hand, but it won't hurt to enable Logging on them, and see what shows up in Traffic Monitor

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