Broadcast between subnets

I have an an almost identical setup to the one detailed here:

I also have a policy to allow any traffic between the wired and wireless trusted networks.

This was to accomodate a move to Watchguard AP devices as previous APs were deprecated.

This has had the unfortunate effect of making all broadcast services unavailable to wireless clients, including many meeting room display units that allow casting - they all seem to use broadcast to allow clients to detect them and initiate connection. Many other services are also affected such as browsing for network shares.

The answer for most routers seems to be to allow broadcast by use of a helper address. I see that fireware has this to allow broadcast routing between BOVPN etc.

Can this be done between different trusted networks? I have a wired segment as our primary trusted plus VLAN10 for the trusted wifi segment. Previously these segments were bridged which happily allowed all of this broadcast stuff to work perfectly.

Or do I just need to dump these Watchguard APs and go back to another AP vendor?


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