Cannot add Active Directory or RADIUS servers as autentication backends


We're using the Firebox M390, with software v.12.7.2

I'm trying to configure VPN for mobile users with RADIUS or AD authentication, but on the configuration page, on any of the support VPN protocols supported, the only server that shows in the local FIREBOX-DB.

Both Active Directory (Via Azure AD Domain Services) and RADIUS servers are configured. In the latter, SSO for accounting too and that works on Wireless.

Is there anything we need to enable in the software to present the servers to the VPN configuration?


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    edited December 2021

    Never mind, I should have checked today before posting. It took ~ 12h to show :open_mouth:

    Although AD does not show.

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    For the record, what tool are you using to manage your firewall config?
    WSM Policy Manager, the Web UI or ???

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