MUVPN SSL Cert Renewal

Are there any client side considerations when renewing the VPN cert on an IKEv2 MUVPN? Our existing cert expires in a month and I just want to make sure there's nothing special that needs to be done. The new cert is coming from the same CA, so all of the root certs are already in place. I searched the KB and nothing really jumped out at me. Just don't want to cycle the certs and then have 30 users breathing down my neck because they can't connect.


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    By default, Windows 10 have a Trusted Root Certification Authorities store which contains list of all leading trusted CAs across globe.

    So, if you are using a Trusted CA Signed certificate, i.e. you're buying the certificate from a Trusted Certificate Authority like, RapidSSL, Digicert, Geotrust, Let’s Encrypt etc...

    You don’t need to do any certificate import to the client machines as the client machines already have these Trusted Certification Authority CA root certs installed by default.

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    Yes, that much I had assumed I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Thank you.

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