Watchguard bridge mode


We have in our network few vlans. Momentally we are using WG in bridge mode with our primary vlan . It means between router and network we have 2 cables - one is for WG (and our primary network) and one is for everything else (6vlans). Do you have any idea how easily make to use WG with all VLANs?


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    I use VLANs on my WG firewall.
    I am using Mixed Routing mode.
    All VLANs are defined to the firewall - none to a router or ISP device.
    While a some amount of work is needed to defined all of the VLANs to your firewall, you can do this using WSM Policy Manager and not disrupt your working setup until you are ready to cut over to your new VLAN config.
    And should you need to go back to the old setup, you can easily restore the old saved config using WSM Policy Manager.
    The bigger issue is can you do something similar with your router config so that you have quick cut over and fail back.

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